Monica Schrader

I had one total hip replacement in September ’19 plus one total hip replacement in December ’19, starting PT with Inspire Downtown the first part of 2020. My physical therapist was Jesse Brouwer. I have been VERY pleased with my care at Inspire. Jesse was professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Yes, I was motivated but through Jesse’s guidance and encouragement I had the desire to diligently follow my home exercise program. I appreciate the support of Tine, Jesse’s PT assistant as well. She also gave me specific directions with my exercise plan which made a huge difference in shortening my recovery. With the friendly team at Inspire I have gained strength, flexibility, balance and confidence. I have been able to increase my activity level because I no longer experience hip pain and I look forward to continued health, much due to the efforts of Jesse and Tine. THANK YOU SO MUCH!