Debra Smith

I had a total hip replacement in mid February 2019. I started PT in middle March with Grant. As I had a posterior approach I could not go too crazy at first, but, Grant was great at adding just enough to keep the progression without having pain afterwards. Gavin was always there to keep me pushing and Emily’s quirky sense of humor always kept me smiling. Inspire Therapy kind of became like my family since I spent so much time there. I was a bit worried about their mislaid loyalty to the soccer games, but, the day I came in and they had the Masters on, my fears were put to rest..chuckle.

In all seriousness, I am glad I had the hip replacement and I am super glad I went to Inspire. Their humor was infectious even on my “bad” days. They cared about me not only as a patient, but, as a person. I had an excellent result and fun while I was doing it. I cannot say enough about the whole Inspire Team, from how they treat you when you first walk in to when you are in actual therapy.